Shankar Swaminathan

The essence of all Philosophical principles lies in two words, ABSTAIN and SUSTAIN. Abstain from restless mind and lower nature and sustain life in tune with self bliss.” – East Indian Sage and thinker Yogi S.Bharathi.

Based on the words of wisdom as above, it could be seen that the root cause of all the personality oriented and psychological problems in today’s world could be directly attributed to a lack of understanding of the great truths as stated above. The reality is that it is indeed possible to understand and handle oneself better and become wiser; where necessary through an effective and competent counseling process. ‘Mental tranquility and sublime Happiness’ would and could certainly be well within one’s reach. Even as I am fully, emotionally and spiritually involved in the process of counseling, I see this as not just a means to make my living, but my own life mission giving a meaningful purpose to my life. In this mission, I believe my vast personal life experiences, bitter and pleasant, in varied environments and different regions of the world have made me uniquely wise and mature to the hard realities of this world. This without a doubt enables me to appreciate the problems of my clients better and support my clients competently. I seek gratification not necessarily in terms of money but in the smile that I help bring about in my client’s face. The pleasure of self actualization that I derive as the cheerleader and intellectual mentor is something that I treasure.