I have significant expertise in the following areas:

My assistance have been sought to tackle problems arising out of issues such as abusive relationships, grief due to personal loss, substance abuse, cultural conflicts and adjustment problems, family conflicts and turbulent relationships, marital issues and relationship difficulties, personality disorders and depression and employee and organizational issues such a low motivation, workplace alienation and other HR issues, organizational restructuring, to devise appropriate training approaches, to provide professional counseling and guidance for managers etc.

My competencies include imparting clients with meditative skills and various breathing techniques. The enabling role in providing guidance on various approaches to relax one’s body and mind, taking a cue from the basic principles and tenets of Yoga, has been well recognized by my clients. Even as I liberally use ideas from various theories and established concepts pertaining to counseling in my practice, I do not hesitate to take cues from spiritual precepts as well in order to reinforce those ideas and to make my efforts yield greater dividends.

However, for reasons of expediency, I do not accept clients with suicidal tendencies or serious psychotic issues.