While I offer Email and personal counseling in good faith to the best of my abilities, imagination and utmost earnestness, I will not be held legally or morally responsible for any of my client’s actions on the basis of his or her own perceptions and understanding of what is said and what transpires in the counseling session either face to face or through Email. While I try my best to help my clients gain insight into complicated issues and acquire the right perspective and thus empowering him or her to take their own decisions on issues, how the clients act during the post counseling period is their own responsibility and I cannot be held liable for any of my client’s actions or contentions.

The site and the owner of the site do not assume any responsibility for the views expressed by individual contributors to the site nor does the owner of the site necessarily agrees with the views expressed by various individual contributors to the site.

While customers are welcome from everywhere, clients hereby agree that all services and transactions are occurring in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and that they are governed only by the laws of the Province of Ontario, and of Canada.