Equity, Objectivity and Impartiality

The qualities of equity,objectivity and impartiality are all interrelated and would reflect the evolutionary process that a person has gone through in his lifetime. A person cannot be impartial in a given situation where unbiased judgment is to be arrived at or unprejudiced assessment is to be made,unless he has the ability to engage in an objective analysis of the situation. Equity in providing justice and being fair,objectivity in analysis and impartiality in treatment,go hand in hand.Again,objectivity demands that a person is absolutely free from prejudice,malice,predetermined ideas and preconceived notions.The essential prerequisite for a person to acquire qualities of objectivity is to have a thorough and clear understanding of not only the external environment but also himself.This again requires that a person engages in mature introspection taking care not to be influenced by the exaggerated notions about himself,otherwise called inflated ego.Thiruvalluvar has devoted a whole chapter on the concepts as discussed above.

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