In this age of internet and cyberspace, Email counseling is indeed a blessing to receive without the personal presence of the client. The value and efficacy of this approach, when rendered imaginatively would be felt by the client, for sure.

A counselor extending counseling through the electronic medium should be able to express himself effectively, precisely and accurately. The terms and words used should be simple but powerful enough for the client to comprehend the true meaning of the message sought to be conveyed by the counselor.  As one who has been a freelance writer for over three decades, I can fully appreciate the finer nuances and various intricacies involved in written communication.

As mentioned elsewhere in the site, I do not accept clients with suicidal tendencies and serious psychotic issues such as Schizophrenia either through Email or the personal dialectical process. I do not also accept clients under the age of 21 for Email Counseling. However, clients under the age of 21 could give their consent to being represented by an elder family member in family E counseling situations where multiple family members may be involved. The client seeking Email counseling is also required to give a declaration as found in the Email contact form attesting to the truth and the veracity of the information provided therein.

Please click on ‘Contact For E-Mail Counseling’ button found at the bottom of the page and submit the Email form duly filled in. You will then be taken to a secure PayPal payment page where you can pay by your choice of credit card or with a PayPal account.

My fees for Email Counseling

  •  20 $ for one primary question time OR
  •  50 $ for a package of 3 primary questions time to be used within two months OR
  • 80 $ for a package of 5 primary questions time to be used within three months.

(Question time refers to the total time required to complete the process right from the stage the primary or the main question on any given issue is received and responded professionally after thorough analysis and deliberation with an appropriate response)
The primary question is expected to be submitted through the Email contact form. Clients are allowed two supplementary questions together and not consequently to each primary question on the basis of my responses.
The length of my response to the primary question typically may be 150 words minimum. The length of response to supplementary questions would vary depending upon the nature of questions but would be much less than the response to the primary question.  Unfortunately, I am not able to make the initial free offer in the case of Email counseling at this time.
Clients’ primary questions will be responded to within a period of 72 hours Eastern Time from the time it is received. However, no time limit is being fixed for responding to the supplementary questions, though every effort would be made to respond as early as possible.
Refund policies could be accessed in the Terms, Conditions and Policies Page