Employee Counseling

Human Resources are not supposed to be  seen as just ‘hands’ but active ceaselessly functioning brains  exercised and impacted by what is happening in the surrounding environment, said my eminent Professor Dr.Paul almost three decades back when I was a cub student of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. Those were times when the term HR had not taken roots.

The learned Professor was trying to drive home the point that describing employees as mere hands was in effect treating them as lifeless inanimate objects rather than active brains at work sensitive to all that are happening around. Well, needless to mention treating employees with honor and recognizing their self esteem would indeed contribute positively to the robust organizational health.

Stressed out employees are direct offshoots of negative and dysfunctional organizational climate.  Stress could be on account of various factors such as Communication gap between the employees at various levels, personal grief affecting performance, unimaginative autocratic managerial style ceaselessly driving employees to produce more and more endlessly, sudden and unplanned change in environment, interpersonal conflict, etc.

Scientific approach to management is supposed to result in greater employee morale, healthy and positive workplace atmosphere, cordial relationships and excellent equations among employees vertically and horizontally. But many a modern employee, not just the white collar types feels helpless and driven to despair affected by low morale and greater stress. This inevitably leads to life threatening diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension etc. and the real age of the employee drastically go up.  The quality of personal life is affected adversely and the family situation deteriorates, on occasions beyond repair.

But is this situation beyond redemption? I do not think so at all. Employee Counseling has never been more important than today which is why many organizations have thought it wise to have their own Employee counselors or enable their workers seek such counseling support outside.

As one well qualified and trained on the principles of HR and Psychology  I have been successfully rendering employee support and counseling for over a decade and  I cannot emphasis enough about the efficacy and usefulness of this approach which enables the employee  to retain his bearing and live a psychologically and emotionally healthy and stress free life.

Please feel free to approach me at no cost to yourself for the first couple of sessions