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In the bygone era there was very little awareness of what has come to be known as  HR issues and in the absence of a better approach, unilateral actions were resorted to both by the employers and employees to sort out issues often affecting the relationship  to the detriment of organizational interests. With the scientific development of wonderful subjects such as Management Principles,Organizational Behavior, Organizational Analysis, Industrial Psychology etc. Managements now have tools in their hands to approach employee related  and organizational structuring and other Management  issues with greater professionalism and better application of mind. Such a professional approach leads to greater morale among employees resulting in greater productivity. In my capacity as the organizational consultant I have advised Managements of small and middle level organizations on employee related HR issues and organizational structuring issues over the years.  In my capacity as the Employee Counselor, I have counseled employees on all shop floor issues both at the behest of the Managements and by the individual initiative of employees themselves approaching me for support for various issues.

I possess Post Graduate level qualifications on HR, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and Advanced  Counseling besides a Masters in Psychology. I have substantial hands on functional experience for over three decades in organizations engaged in different fields of activities including Banking, Print Media, Non profit and Management Consultancy in more than one country besides being a freelance writer on organizational issues. I possess the required insight and a quick grasp on issues affecting organizations and employees. Please do feel free to call on me for a free consultation session.