Code of Ethics and Confidentiality
I attach greatest importance to ethical values in counseling and it would be no exaggeration to say that ethical considerations and paying due attention to the client’s sensibilities are my first priorities.

Possibly, in no other field of professional activity, are the issues of Ethics and maintaining confidentiality more important, than in the field of counseling. Where most personal issues are involved and confided with the Professional counselor with utmost trust and faith by the client, the responsibility of the counselor to adhere to ethical conduct and strictly protect the confidentiality of the information that the counselor is privy to, is of paramount consideration.

Here, I would like to assure my clients most earnestly, as I have always done, that I set highest standards for myself on these issues. None of the private information provided by the client of his or her own volition will be disclosed to any third party, without the client’s explicit concurrence, unless otherwise withholding of such information would be detrimental to public interest or to the interest of the client himself or in violation of the statutory legal requirements. However, before any such step is contemplated, every effort would be made to consult with the client and get his or her concurrence before the disclosure.