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What does the New Year mean to You?

1 Jan 2013 No Comments

Happy New Year. We hear this numerous times for probably the first two weeks every January. Starts feverishly, heard all over the place, gradually whittling down to a few murmurs to fade away totally eventually. But for Heaven’s sake, this … Continue reading

Looking for THE life partner

27 Dec 2012 No Comments

In the days bygone, it was simply taken for granted that partners in a marriage would live the major portion of their lives together, lasting more than several decades in most cases. ¬†Make no mistake, the life partner may not … Continue reading

The Power to write and the Compelling Force behind writing

25 Dec 2012 No Comments

Even as I have been writing for quite a while, I do not remember when, how or why I started writing or what was my first publication. But I am more exercised about the question as to why I started … Continue reading