Marriage Counseling

Let’s get it straight. What is marriage counseling? Is the purpose of Marriage Counseling just to prevent marriages from breaking up such as Divorce or separation? Marriage counseling is not just that. The spirit of marriage counseling in a nutshell is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Preventing differences from reaching an explosive stage when separation or divorce are seen as inevitable. Counseling the married couples either jointly or singly helps them to sort out day to day confrontations on a variety of issues such as financial mismanagement/sharing the burden, sexual incompatibility, children’s issues, attitudinal problems etc, that keep cropping up from time to time in any marriage. While in the days gone by partners were more tolerant to each other, today it is quite a challenge for anyone to be tolerant towards anything or anyone what with the demands on your emotions due to various extraneous pressures and pulls. In the modern times the reasons for stress and turbulence in families are a dime a dozen.

As mentioned elsewhere Counseling helps to get things in perspective. So is it possible to get such a perspective when the combatants are dagger drawn at each other? It may be possible but difficult. Marriage counselors are there to facilitate such a process and try to ensure that marriages work, or in the extreme situations work to have a smooth separation or divorce with the least residual bitterness so that each party is in a state of mind to carry on with their business and lives without the trauma that would normally be associated with break ups.

Over years, I have successfully helped my clients to get over their marital difficulties with minimal effort on their part and will be able to do that for you too. Feel free to come for the free sessions and talk to me to find out.