My Approach and Values

It is my considered view, on the basis of my past experience, there is no one particular approach that could be applied uniformly to all situations.

Counseling is all about being imaginative and intelligently innovative.
Hence, I normally consider a combination of approaches or a particular approach after assessment is done based on the client’s other historic record, the unique personality attributes and other relevant background information. But basically, I am more inclined to take recourse to the Cognitive Behavioral, psychoanalytical and Existential therapy approaches and in cases where time is of essence a short term solution focused approach.

Like any good therapist, I make every attempt to put the client at ease by establishing personal and warm relationships, right from the word go or the very first session.

I explore the unconscious thoughts and the influences and strive to identify and isolate the triggering factors in order to devise appropriate strategies to provide remedial solutions. I am particularly conscious of the need to arrive at solutions to the presented problems, expeditiously without compromising on the quality of service rendered.

The emphasis that I lay upon professional values cannot be overemphasized. I set store by the following values:

  • Striving to reassure the client with positive personal regard,
  • Being non judgemental,
  • Adopting an empathetical approach,
  • Engaging in a constructive dialectical process and
  • Striving to be absolutely open, objective and transparently sincere.
  • Lastly, cherishing the process as a valuable learning and enlightening experience for my own personal intellectual growth and well being.