One More Suicide due to Marital Discord- So I hear

One more suicide due to marital discord, so I hear.

For me, the morning after Christmas brought me the shocking news of the death of a celebrity’s spouse by suicide in my country of origin. Yes, there are so many being committed every day, I know but that is no mitigating factor. The family to which the victim belonged is very well known and much respected one in that part of the world.
One more case of suicide due to marital discord and chronic depression, I hear. As a Counselor dealing with Marital issues and Mental Health clients as well at times , I really felt kind of helpless realising that this is a situation that could have indeed been avoided with some competent professional support.
I do not have any further information on this or the kind of support that was available, but have been seeing such situations handled so competently day in and day out here in Canada with the support of community resources such as the Mobile Crisis Teams, Police, Paramedics, professional counselors, social workers and competent Psychiatric physicians. Goes to prove what a proactive system such as the one in Canada could do in cases such as these.
Even as I feel light and at peace with myself, being aware of the infrastructural facilities available in Canada, it does not do enough for me not to be unhappy with what I have heard just this morning. I keep wondering as to why some systems do not seem to attach enough values to such humanitarian issues as we do here in Canada. Surely, resource constraint cannot be citied as the reason nor is it any justification.

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