Organizational Counseling

In the past few decades lot of attention has been paid to managing organizations scientifically. Gone are the days when every Manager to prove his worth was expected to be autocratic which was the only recognized style. Now that style is considered archaic by progressive minded modern Managers.

The greater appreciation of the well thought out HR principles and other scientific principles of Management and the development of subjects such as Organizational Behavior, Organizational Analysis, Industrial Psychology etc.  have led to better enlightenment among Managers trying to act as leaders of men as wellManagements now have tools in their hands to approach employee related and organizational structuring and other Management issues with greater professionalism and better application of mind. Such a professional approach leads to greater morale among employees resulting in greater productivity. However, while the right intentions are there, professionally qualified Managers armed with MBA’s and Masters in Management still struggle to put the learn theories into practice in the shop floor environment.

 In my capacity as the organizational consultant I have advised Managements of small and middle level organizations on employee related HR issues and organizational structuring issues over the years. I also have significant experience in advising clients on their Recruitment practices and policies.