I have been actively practizing as a Behavioral Counselor to my clients since year 2000. My professional qualifications include a Masters in Psychology and Post Graduate Diplomas in Advanced Counseling Techniques, Human Resource Management, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. I also possess an Undergraduate Degree in Law.

Many of my articles on the topics of Psychology and Counseling and several social issues and causes have been published over the years. I have been active as a Counselor/Mentor to my clients in my individual capacity as well as on behalf of community organizations in Toronto providing service to clients from various ethnicities. My extensive professional experience for over a couple of decades in a wide gamut of occupational areas of functioning has added value to my academic accomplishments in diverse subjects such as Psychology, Counseling, Management, Law, Political Science and Mathematics. This has enabled me to develop the multifarious skills and vision required to help my clients with professional maturity and enlightened appreciation of their problems.

One cornerstone principle of my practice is to maximize benefits to the client in the shortest possible time, enabling them to make meaningful changes to their lives. In addition to several aspects of Counseling and Psychotherapy, my formal training includes exercises in Yoga, Meditative practices, Relaxation techniques, various approaches to managing stress including various breathing techniques.

I am a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP) in good standing and a Special Affiliate of Canadian Psychological Association.