Acting in good faith: In the case of both Email and Face to Face Counseling I act in good faith and assume that whatever the client reveals to me is wholly true. So while my counseling is on the basis of what is revealed to me and the picture projected by the client, it is entirely the responsibility of the client to ensure that whatever he or she says is true to the best of his knowledge and belief as otherwise the Counseling process would not lead to positive outcome and defeat the very purpose.

Appointment cancellation and Fee refunds: A client must give at least 24 hours notice either over phone or through Email to cancel his or her booked personal appointment for a face to face session. Otherwise, the client would be liable to pay half an hour fee to the Counselor for the time booked. The counselor may at his discretion waive this condition if the reason for cancellation is on account of any unavoidable and justifiable exigency in the opinion of the Counselor.  If the Counselor from his end cancels the appointment, a full refund would be made or if the client so wills his appointment could be rescheduled.

In the case of Email counseling, client is free to withdraw his or her request for counseling response and ask for a full refund of fees already paid if the responses have not been emailed back to the client or 24 hours after the submission is made whichever is earlier. Where eligible, refund would be made within 7 business days after the day of request not including the day of request.

The client would not be eligible for refund after the response is emailed by the Counselor. Full refund would be made within 7 business days if for some reason the Counselor is not able to respond within the time promised for Email Counseling and the client decides not to accept the response later than the time stipulated

The above principle holds good for refund of charges paid towards any paid readings. Once access is provided for any paid reading, client would not be eligible for any refund of fees. Client would be eligible for full refund of fees if the request is made within 24 hours since the first submission or before the access is provided whichever is earlier.

All requests for refund are to be sent in writing to the following email ID with the reason for the request.
Reimbursement of Professional Fees by insurers

I do not get myself involved with any possible insurance reimbursement for the client. However, I would provide a receipt for services rendered. I hereby suggest that the client approach his or her insurers for clarification on the eligibility to get reimbursed.

Written articles to the site

Written articles to the site by members may be considered for publication; the site retains the right to make suitable edition/changes etc. before publication to make such works be in tune with the Ethos of the site without changing the original content or substantive ideas. However, regretfully no compensation would be paid at this time though it may be considered at a later date. The site does not take any responsibility for the contents of the articles nor does it necessarily agree with the ideas expressed which are strictly those of the author.

Site Ethos This site endeavors most earnestly to function on the basis of certain well accepted principles of natural and human justice and carries on its activities under the anti racist and anti oppression framework. This site does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, ethnicity etc. and would be absolutely non judgmental about a client on the basis of the client’s personal profile, so much so the site also expects and suggests that the contributors, correspondents, patrons and the clients take care to adhere to the above stated values in their communication to the site and myself and refrain from using terms and language which could be perceived to be antithetical to the values as stated above.