What does the New Year mean to You?

Happy New Year.

We hear this numerous times for probably the first two weeks every January. Starts feverishly, heard all over the place, gradually whittling down to a few murmurs to fade away totally eventually. But for Heaven’s sake, this is not to belittle the positive spinoff effects of such warm sentiments expressed.

Well, the wishes are sincere from friends and acquaintances, close and distant alike, some more sincere and some others not seemingly so strongly committed but just for the moment. Nevertheless, good to hear the voice of the good wishes reflecting the warm sentiments people have for us and knowing that there are so many wishing us well.

So the strength of relationships is all about warm sentiments. But it needs some working to keep it that way even between people who are by the nature of relationships considered close.

There is something called Behavioral Theory which states that every situation leads an individual to behave in a particular way. Such behavior is determined by the way the situation is perceived; the behavior depending upon its nature has its consequences. Again those consequences lead to a chain reaction and this kind of behavioral transaction between any two individuals determine the nature of relationships and their vibes over a period of time.

The above cited theory is seemingly complicated but in practice is quite simple. One should take care to avoid unpleasant situations in the first place.  Staying away from avoidable arguments for example is the wisest thing to do. Debating without a purpose is foolhardy. Inculcating tolerance for something different from your own in terms of beliefs, customs, practices etc. is praiseworthy. In short avoidance of a situation which would give raise to conflicts unnecessary would be the wisest course of action.

 Let the Beautiful Dawn of 2013 come with a purpose at a personal level for us.

Make efforts to maintain and improve relationships

 Become more tolerant of things that we possibly do not like

 Become more tolerant of things that we possibly have prejudices against or simply different from us and ours.


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