The Power to write and the Compelling Force behind writing

Even as I have been writing for quite a while, I do not remember when, how or why I started writing or what was my first publication. But I am more exercised about the question as to why I started writing in the first place which inevitably leads me to the question as to why one ever writes at all.

Ok,so… Why does one write?

One writes because one simply can’t but write. Often times, it proves to be impossible to restrain yourself when the irresistible urge and different ideas keeps bouncing on and off in your head. Ideas may be forgotten for the moment but simply do not vanish. It refuses to go away for ever even giving sleepless nights unless you do something to rein in on them. But still keeps showing its face from time to time. What better way is there to create a safe storage space for them to be safely tucked away from one’s mind?

So…. put them in the safe storage offered by this space, here and now. A word of caution here if I may.

Try not to offend the sensibilities of any section as far as possible. Try not to offend the sensibilities just for the sake of doing so. Petty prejudices, jaundiced thinking with warped minds are no justification to offend another person’s sensibilities, you would agree. Yes, sometimes it is inevitable not to hurt the sensibilities of someone when you try to expound a cause which may at least provide a justification of sorts.

Topics? Is there any dearth of topics at all. Just observe the humans and the world around you. Write on what you think should not be how it is. Write about how it should be as you see it. What is important is for you to agree with yourself. You do not have to be in agreement with the whole world or vice versa. Being honest to oneself provides sublime happiness and joy. Experience and enjoy it.

As the saying goes you are allowed to wag your walking stick only so long as it does not hit the other person.

Taking out the pen and paper is an old fashioned cliché. Today let your Laptop out of your bag and thoughts out of your mind. Give beautiful and effective expression to those ideas which is all uniquely yours, enjoy the beauty of the end product and savor the moment of joy.


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